Slipstream Esports Enters Rocket League

Mon 23rd Oct 2017 - 5:15am General Gaming News

Today we're proud to announce that Slipstream has signed a Rocket League team! We've brought on the former squad of "Solar" to play for us, and to become our flagship team. The roster at the moment consists of:

Jared "MasterG" Kanter

Kevin "Silhouette" Lawrenuk


You may see a problem with this. This roster only has two players.  However, our core is complete. We're currently holding tryouts to find a player to fill out this roster. We're looking forward to what these guys can do in the future as our new flagship team! These guys made the Diamond League inside of the Sol League, and things are looking up!


You can follow them on twitter here:





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Quinton Swenski

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