An End of an Era

Fri 10th Nov 2017 - 3:47am General Gaming News Reviews

Today is a sad day.


Today is a day that the current incarnation of our CS roster has come to a close. After 1 player's resignation about halfway through the season, Quinton "Squidski" Swenski (the CS Manager and Slipstream's CEO) stepped into the roster to act as a stand-in for league matches. However, recently we've had an integral player to the team resign just days ago. This originally came as a surprise to us, as we had big plans for ESEA Open's playoffs. With a 7-5 record, it seemed likely we would make playoffs, however these players proved to be very important to our roster, and unfortunately the team feels that these players can not be replaced at this stage in ESEA Open. So effective immediately, we're halting our Counter-Strike project for now, until next season. 


I'd like to personally thank these guys for sticking around and giving it their all. I know most of them had very busy schedules and I'm very glad that they were willing to play for us. Hopefully they can be incorporated into the next version of our CS roster, if they so wish. We won't have anything solid on the team's status until the beginning of ESEA Open Season 27. As for now, our CS operations are on hold.


Thanks to these guys for sticking around as long as possible:

Scott "Don_D" Adams

Troy "Im_Only_MG2" Eichenberger

Ryan "TRCP" Pook


And special thanks to these guys. We couldn't have accomplished what we did this season without you

Nick "1nsanity" Har

Jason "Hammyliu" Liu



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Quinton Swenski

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